Why Next autoML?

We create new values beyond machine learning limits.


DAVinCI LABS predicts critical targets for business or classifies

data characteristics depending on different functional use purposes.


Once you determine the target you wish to predict, DAVinCI LABS learns patterns in data through various algorithm to create a prediction model.
Applicable Area

Up-selling/ Targeting marketing / Conversion rates prediction / Underwriting/ Card issuance review/ Debt collection


Once you set a variable as a decision-making standard, DAVinCI LABS automatically classifies data into clusters with significant tendencies and present each cluster characteristics as rules.
Applicable Area

Marketing segmenting/ Up-selling target segmenting/ Loan review filtering rule/ High-risk fraud group detection


Even if data characteristics change over time, you can still make a target prediction on a certain time point by analyzing their different temporal variables.
Applicable Area
Product demand prediction/ Logistics freight prediction/ Manufacturing process management/ Stock price prediction/ Real-estate price prediction/ Sales Prediction etc.


Even when data characteristics are unclear, DAVinCI LABS automatically classifies clusters that contain distinctive tendencies, through which you can detect anomaly in new data or obtain new insight.
Applicable Area

Fraud Detection System(FDS)/ Fraudulence Audit System (Digital Forensic)/ Digital Marketing (Customer Relationship Management, CRM)/ Product Development (PD)


If new dataset is applied into the initially developed model or change appears in decisions,

DAVinCI LABS evaluates model performance and provides the optimal strategy.


You can maximize rule performance/efficiency while entering present rules or conditions you would like to evaluate. 


Once modeling is complete, would you like to test out how prediction values differ according to changes in new data? 
Are you wondering which strategy to execute in order to achieve a certain target prediction value?
You can carry out effective business strategies with a simulator to determine the optimal variable value.


Only available in DAVinCI LABS

DAVinCI LABS provides major features for development of machine learning model,
as well as functions specialized for individual projects.
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Frequent questions on DAVinCI LABS and answers

Currently, DaVinci Labs supports delimited text or CSV file formats, and can analyze data that has been combined into a file.
You could also directly connect DAVinCI LABS to your database and extract data from the database.

A Prediction model is a system that is produced from analyzing big data using machine learning algorithms. It is used for predicting future values of specific objects or fields(variables) based on patterns found during machine learning algorithm training. For example, this means predicting the default rate of a loan customer or estimating the loss rate of an insured person.

This depends on what the user wants to predict and the nature of the data, but meaningful analysis is plausible with few hundred data samples that contain target information (specific data that represents what the user is trying to predict).

DAVinCI LABS provides 11 algorithms that can be used in single model training, and through Cascade and Ensemble model training, infinite combination of algorithm can be generated to get enhanced performance. Single algorithm provided is as below:
Stabilized Deep Net, Neural Network, Generalized Linear Model, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Ridge Regression,
Gradient Boosting Machine, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine, XGBoost, LightGBM

The UI/UX is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for non developers/data analysts/machine learning professionals. Powerful prediction models can be generated with just a few mouse clicks. The solution contract includes free-of-charge training for usage and modeling by default, and continuous on-line and off-line customer support are provided.

One of the strongest points of DAVinCI LABS is that it generates machine learning models that produces prediction values for new data in real time. The user can download prediction models in the form of Java Library or deploy the model via prediction server. Once the download is complete, the user can refer to informational documents to be able to integrate the model as a function in the core system. Once integrated, prediction values can be requested to the model in real time

The user can re-train models as much as he/she wants, such as daily or monthly, to create an updated prediction model that reflects the latest data patterns.

DAVinCI LABS's prediction models are based on complex machine learning algorithms, but it has been designed to generate explicable outputs rather than being a black-box. Through its proprietary algorithms, it helps to explain individual predictions by quantifying the influence that each field(variable) contributed in producing them.

If predictive modeling based on pattern analysis is needed, regardless of the business type, DAVinCI LABS can be put to work immediately. Areas where DAVinCI LABS is applicable are: risk assessment, fraud detection, customer behavior based target marketing, churn prediction, defect detection, complaint prediction, efficiency/performance prediction, disease diagnosis, accident prediction, and more

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Various application cases of DAVinCI LABS