What do you mean, there is no vacation rule at Ailys?

5 Apr 2022


What does ‘vacation’ mean to you?

The term ‘vacation’ has become flexible due to COVID-19 and changes in working conditions. Nevertheless, ‘vacation’ remains a luxurious streak of leisure to most office workers. Taking into account this common law, Ailys brought in a new holiday concept, ๐ŸŽ‰ ‘Unlimited, Autonomous Vacation System’ ๐ŸŽ‰ starting from an initiative ‘vacation shouldn’t be considered as just a rare chance but a part of our routine’.

This ‘unlimited vacation’ motive is irrelevant to the standard number of days the Labor Standards Act recommends. It encourages people to adjust their working schedules according to their conditions.

So far, Ailys has been striving to establish a positive working environment where all members can freely practice diverse forms of work - flex-time work, work from home, free choice of workplace- while respecting each other’s opinions, to make the adoption of unlimited vacation system possible.

There is no unnecessary approval line.

The core point of the unlimited vacation system is that you can take your day off, free from red-tape formalities or burden of passing on inconvenience to fellow colleagues. Applying for vacation is done on Google Calendar, and through a separate management system you can keep track of how many days off you have taken so far.

There is no need to submit an explanation to why you are applying for vacation! There are no restrictions to the number of applications and no unnecessary (cumbersome) approval line.

It should be relaxing and comfortable.

Ailys does not tell you when and where you should work, nor how many days you should (or should not) take a break, neither there exists a strict guide to work time or workplace. You can decide all the above for yourself while keeping the two points listed below.

1. You should be okay and comfortable with your decision.

2. Your colleagues shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

We strongly believe that all our members are perfectly capable of drawing a line that maximizes their (and their fellow members’) focus and collaborative level.

We are aware of the authorities of autonomy and responsibility.

Unlimited vacation does not mean we take relentless breaks for months. As members of Ailys, and as participants of certain projects, we each need to discuss with our colleagues how to best engage and collaborate in our roles. This is not only a right given to the members of Ailys, but also a responsibility.

๐Ÿ“ขThis time, we introduced to you Ailys’ unlimited vacation system. Ailys has been aiming to manifest each and every member’s intelligence and creativity; and we chose a working environment and culture to suit the initiative. We will continue to share with you our proud working environment.