What we do is enabling future technology’s practical use. It consists of creating an unprecedented value and paving a new road. Achieving such a goal accompanies genius and genuineness. Also, we seek for environment where everyone can work with zeal and fun.
It all derives from our belief that enjoyment is the source of life, of everything that encourages people to constantly bring out new thoughts and challenges. Our entire experience and memory are based on our feelings. Therefore, it occurs to us naturally that we cherish enjoyment and consider it our primary value, as well as it keeping it our word of promise.
We hope to enrich the expression of our inherent possibility and creativity, so we wish for colleagues who can reflect on ‘what to do and why’ by themselves, rather than just focusing on completing given tasks.
This is precisely why we focus on the ‘role’, not ‘performance’. We believe our potential can perform at best when we question ‘how can we contribute to each other?’ rather than ‘how can we reach our goal?’. And we decided to call this ‘role-driven management’. 

We reviewed all our methods of organization management in order to focus on the new idea of ‘role’. In addition, we retrieved/ withdrew our way of consigning most authorities to the team leader. Instead, we renewed the organization with two main units: the ‘FUNCTION’ unit, where individual growth is the primary value, and ‘MISSION’ unit, where the company’s goal is prioritized. These units operate in flexible matrix forms, and this structure aims to maximize the company-wide communication and optimize individual and organizational workflow.

“Is keeping track of working time really necessary?” The question led us to discovering underlying essential values. As long as we can maintain our way of cooperation and the environment to concentrate, it would be best to leave out unnecessary rules and allow individuals to decide what suits them the best. That would be the apt way to enrich our desired ‘role-driven’ environment. 
Therefore, we decided on a renewed working culture. It includes flexible working systems, unlimited vacation, corporate credit card provided to every member to manifest a work environment where everyone can decide for themselves their optimal worktime, place, how much rest they need, not to mention how to utilize their work resource for best performance and growth.
Also, we pursue complete horizontal communication to enable enhancement of collective creativity. Every member should take ‘Facilitation’ training program. To handle it on a more professional level we encourage members’ decision-making participation by forming ‘facilitator group’. 
We have many other examples to share, but our strongest emphasis is placed not on the rule or form but on the core intrinsic value of our organizational culture: ‘why’ we work this way. Of course, such autonomy and freedom could only be considered meaningful once the members are provided with competitive salary, right?

The culture of respect and embracement on individuality and diversity proceeds from our own special, unique characteristic. Members from 14 different nationalities, backgrounds, culture to history, are gathered here in this company. This huge cultural diversity, incredibly difficult to manifest artificially, influences all aspects of our cognition and consciousness including action and our way of thinking.
‘The best welfare equals to the best co-workers’. If you truly comprehend and resonate with this quote, you will be able to nod along with our biggest pride: being the pool of growth and expansion created by global professionals and talented members from all over the world. Due to this uniqueness, we use English as the company-wide language for co-working conditions.
We know using English names does not automatically prove a horizontal communication culture. We have no doubt in that the premise to view every individual as a respectively equal being is formed from the interactive language we decide on. The people we accompany, they are the work culture themselves, our biggest pride, and our most distinctive identity!